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3x3 Online Content Creation Workshop

Session dates: 

July 31st (Wed), Aug 1st (Thur), Aug 2 (Fri) & Follow-up Call Aug 9th (Fri)

Starting time: 

3:30 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (Cleveland)


90 minutes per session (4 sessions total)


Lindsay Sims


Plan & Schedule 3 Months of Social Media Content in 3 Days 

Content creation seems to be the hardest part of doing social media for most businesses. Even if you’re constantly taking pictures and have a good amount of content, you’re not always sure what to do with it.

Lindsay Sims has been there. She created this class because so many of her consulting clients are in desperate need of content, but aren’t in the position to hire someone to create it or to get it out there. She’s also worked with businesses who have tons of content, but can’t manage to make their social media work...like consistently. If either of those sounds like you, this is probably the class for you.

By the end of the third day, you’re going to have a complete map of your content, messaging & imaging. And you’ll have a week to schedule it all out, using the tools provided in the workshop, and we’ll review it all during the follow-up call.

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Workshop Details

DAY 1: SETTING GOALS & INTENTIONS (Wednesday, July 31st)

  • Conduct a social media audit

  • Identify which products/services you’re focusing on

  • Set website traffic & sales goals

  • Identify which audience segments you’re targeting

DAY 2: CRAFTING MESSAGING (Thursday, August 1st)

  • Creating audience targeted social media messages

  • Identifying appropriate keywords and hashtags

  • Finding the right stock photos and/or product/service photos

  • Creating branded images

DAY 3: SCHEDULING CONTENT (Friday, August 2nd)

  • Mapping the appropriate images to the appropriate audience & message

  • Creating messaging variation

  • Scheduling content using a social media scheduling software

FOLLOW-UP & REVIEW (Friday, August 9th)

  • Q&A about what worked and what didn’t in the execution of scheduling 3 months of daily social media posts

  • Reviewing your posting schedule

  • Identifying ways to reuse your social media content & messaging

  • Identifying opportunities for social media advertising