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About Lauren Loft Social

Lauren Loft Social is an education, consulting and digital marketing company. We work with businesses and professional marketers to help them learn and grow their digital marketing skills. Our principle educator, Lindsay Sims, has been working with businesses and marketers for over 10 years, helping them to navigate the many pitfalls in the digital marketing space. 


Lauren Loft Social has helped businesses and marketers work through everything from algorithm updates to locked accounts to managing email marketing. We've also trained several professional marketers helping them build their own digital marketing programs for their clients. Many of these trained and certified professionals are members of the Lauren Loft Social team.


The courses offered by Lauren Loft Social include Digital Marketing Professionals Bootcamp for career professionals who need a digital marketing refresh or transitioning careers, Getting Started with Digital for small businesses and Marketing Automation Start to Finish. In addition to offering classes directly, Lauren Loft Social partners with several nonprofit organizations in Northeast Ohio to do workshops and courses, including monthly courses with the SBDC at Lorain County Community College.


Lindsay Lauren Sims is a certified digital marketer, certified professional trainer and a very passionate practitioner of digital marketing for small businesses across the country. She truly believes that digital marketing has flattened the world and this gives every small business owner the same opportunities to reach their customers as big multinational companies. It's her job as a professional marketer to make that happen for her clients and to teach her students how to do this as well.