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Facebook & Instagram Ads Workshop

Session dates: 

July 25th (Thur), July 26th (Fri) & Follow-up Call July 29th (Mon)

Starting time: 

3:30 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (Cleveland)


90 minutes per session (3 sessions total)


Lindsay Sims


Create Facebook & Instagram Ads that Drive Traffic and Get Sales 

If you're ready to get started...really get started making money for your business using Facebook & Instagram Ads, this workshop is for you. We'll walk through the practical examples for your business. We'll cover everything from audience development to segmentation to objectives to retargeting...but we'll do it using your business and your customer.

By the end of the second day, you’re going to have a complete map of your objectives, audiences, and ads budget. Likely you’ll be ready to run a test campaign, which we can review during our follow-up call.

Your instructor, Lindsay Sims, has been running ads on Facebook since before it bought Instagram, since before there were boosts, she was even running ads before there was a Facebook Ads Manager! Lindsay has managed advertising campaigns with five-figure budgets and ones with single digit budgets (which are her favorites). No matter where you are in your advertising journey, she'll be able to help. 

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Workshop Details


  • Setting goals for your advertising

  • Identify which products/services your ads focus on

  • Identify which audience segments you’re targeting

DAY 2: OBJECTIVES & AD CREATION (Friday, July 26th)

  • Overview of Facebook & Instagram Ads objectives

  • Completing Ads based 

  • Creating branded images

FOLLOW-UP & REVIEW (Monday, July 29th)**

  • Q&A about what worked and what didn’t in the execution of your Facebook & Instagram Ads

  • Reviewing your custom audiences

  • Identifying ways to retarget audiences

  • Identifying opportunities for improving your ads

**Any advertising budget will be at your discretion and at your expense.